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About Us

Valerie, Joshua, and Faralee met in a Utah Valley University advanced editing class. All three discovered an addiction to editing as part of that experience, and it was this shared adoration (along with a love for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) which brought the three together in this SF Magazine & Community. They each contribute their own unique personality, experience, and skills, making a diverse and expert editing team. 


Technical Director Lance Whitaker was roped in and tied up with these crazies and now he can't escape. He helps with all the tech stuff and podcasts and also occasionally likes to read.


Art Director Scott Grove is an artist and illustrator currently in Salt Lake City, Utah. Aside from being the Art Director for The Weird and Whatnot, he is a freelance illustrator and occasional procrastinator. He is passionate about art and fascinated about the absurd and creepy. He enjoys connecting with fellow artists to be featured in The Weird and Whatnot. He is always (harmlessly) interested in 'making it weird'.

The Weird and Whatnot Speculative fiction magazine is no longer publishing new issues nor accepting submissions. Please email all questions or queries to theweirdandwhatnot or fill out the form below.

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